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It's that time of year again!

We are all thinking about how 2019 is going to be different, how it is going to be "our year".

We all know how it goes, we set a goal - lose 10lbs, save more money, start going to gym, give up all "bad foods". Have you ever noticed how often we chose things that require us to sacrifice our time and energy? Not to mention they are usually vague with no plan or serious intention. It's no surprise that these resolutions often don't make it to the end of the year. Willpower can fade and old habits die hard. Or do they?

What if we flipped the new years resolution paradigm on its head?

What if this year we think about how we are going to add to our lives instead of what we will have to give up?

Instead of lose 10 lbs it could be to try new recipes at home.

Instead of save more money it could be planning a trip with beautiful new experiences.

Instead of going to a gym, you could reach out to an old friend and start going for walks and catching up.

Instead of giving up "bad" foods, why not try to include a new healthy food each week to your diet. Or trying different cuisines you have never experienced. (Ethiopian is amazing!)

Living healthy does not mean that you always have to sacrifice and give things up. No one wants to feel deprived and frustrated. We need to take the pressure off of ourselves and start enjoying life more. We only get one chance, why not live the best we can?

Let's reduce our stress by getting a regular massage, or having a weekly bubble bath with the whole kit and kaboodle: candles and bubbles and essential oils. (Oh My!)

Life is already serious enough. Let's make time to share and laugh with friends and family. Just because the holiday season is over doesn't mean all that cheer has to wait until next year!

My new years resolution this year is to be on social media less and to read more. I love books and learning new things so I plan on taking in more knowledge and less junk. Wish me luck!

What is your 2019 Resolution? What will you add to your life this year?

Used bookstores are my favorite places!

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