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Three Tips to a Successful Candida Cleanse

It's time my friends. Time to head into phase 2 of this cleanse.

I am so excited to say that I will be finally adding in some starchy vegetables (e.g. sweet potato, squash, and beets - oh my!) and some low sugar fruits like berries. While it may seem silly to get excited about such things, I have spent the last 20 days without a lick of sugar of any kind. I have also extra-challenged myself to not have sugar substitutes like stevia or erythritol (note: these sugar substitutes are controversial but generally allowed on the candida cleanse). This has meant no sweetness apart from my occasional Egyptian Licorice tea.

I won't lie to you, this has been extremely challenging. I work in a kitchen where we create gluten free, vegan deliciousness on a daily basis; treats that I would not have denied myself in the past. Also, my husband and I love to make dinner at home, pick up a bottle of wine and settle in to a movie. We have had to change our patterns a bit, but he has been incredibly supportive. I also had been experiencing constipation (which is unfortunately common for me) for the first 2 weeks which forced me to look at my portals of elimination and get them back on track. I also had a cold sore pop up 2 weeks in that wasn't prompted by my usual triggers of high stress and cracked lips. Clearly my body was rustling something up deep within me!

As difficult as it has been, it has also been rewarding. My acne cleared up from red bumps all over my cheeks and chin to only a couple cropping up over the span of 2 weeks. I have felt more balanced in terms of my mood and my anxiety has dissipated. I have been free of bloating for over 2 weeks now (apart from one dinner out for Ethiopian for my birthday!), my weight has been comfortably maintained and my sleep is fantastic.

In case you didn't know, I'm no angel; there have been a few slip ups. A touch of maple syrup in a dressing, cashews, date sweetened hemp milk, and coffee are all technically not allowed on the candida cleanse. While these did not cause physical upset for me or get me off track, they might be triggers for you. I slowly introduced them in small amounts after the 3 day "Fast Track" at the beginning of the month. I found that they worked for my body as long as I didn't overdo it and was strategic about it. For example, I put MCT oil in my coffee along with cinnamon to help balance my blood sugar. I would also make sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Making this diet work for your lifestyle is half the battle, and it is one that will be different for each individual.

My Three Tips for a Successful Candida Cleanse

1. Plan your meals & have candida cleanse friendly snacks in the house. I was often eating nuts and seeds, veggies and guacamole, and coconut yogurt for my snacks. I wanted to make sure I was never hungry or further tempted to eat foods that are not "allowed" on this cleanse.

2. Your mindset is key; focus on the foods you can have vs the foods you can't. This diet is probably considered torture to some people, but it doesn't have to be. Your mindset and attitude about what you are doing and why are very important. Be as positive as you can and focus on the success of symptoms disappearing and your health improving!

3. Explain what you are doing and why to whomever you are close to. It will be exponentially easier if your friends/family/partner is respectful of your choices and is supporting you instead of tempting you with treats!

I would not be able to tackle such challenges if it weren't for my wonderful support group of friends and loved ones. This process can take time; for some it could be a couple months whereas for others it could take a year. We are all on different journeys back to optimal health and taking the first step is usually the hardest.

Remember, you can do it! Feeling better is just 30 days away!

10 more days to go!

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