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The Truth About the Candida Cleanse

Oh what a month it has been; a roller coaster of physical, emotional, and psychological challenges and triumphs!

To recap: the purpose of a Candida Cleanse is to eliminate excess yeast to relieve symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, acne, skin irritation, PMS, estrogen dominance, bloating, gas, anxiety, etc. The main symptoms I was experiencing were bloating, acne, anxiety, and gas.

I won't lie to you, this cleanse was hard. No alcohol, sugar, fruit, gluten, and dairy begs the question, WHAT DID I EAT?

A breakdown of a typical day:

Started my day with coffee & MCT oil

Breakfast - eggs, with massaged kale salad with fresh garlic, cabbage and cucumber, add avocado, hot sauce and a side of sauerkraut

Snack - unsweetened coconut yogurt with ground flax and almonds

Lunch - Cauliflower rice with assorted stir fried veggies (broccoli, cabbage, peppers, etc)

Snack - mixed nuts (especially brazil nuts, mmmm!)

Dinner - mixed green salad, olive oil dressing, baked salmon, portobello mushrooms, sauerkraut and roasted broccoli

This balance of healthy fats, quality protein and a low-glycemic vegetables worked very well for my body and kept me feeling energized and alert. I noticed a huge change in my skin (I didn't have a breakout the entire month!), I was free from bloating and gas (apart from when I veered off course - I'm only human!), and my anxiety all together subsided.

And BONUS I was able to maintain my weight WITHOUT ANY EXERCISE. Mind-blowing.

Here is the truth about the candida cleanse:

1. It's hard, but it is worth it. You are worth it.

2. I experienced frustration, plateaus, confusion and weak moments.

3. But I also experienced success, relief, and freedom from my symptoms.

4. I gained confidence in my ability to make healthy proactive choices while also being realistic - remembering that no one is perfect.

5. This cleanse also did not "fix" me forever. I will have to make a conscious effort for as long as I want to be healthy - but this challenge gave me the knowledge and tools to continue to do so.

Now that the challenge is complete, where do I go from here?

After my celebratory day of eating bread and fruit and sweet treats, I plan on continuing to avoid refined sugar. I will still have foods sweetened with natural sweeteners like dates, monk fruit, and maple syrup because a girl's gotta eat!

You can't put a price on your health - and feeling well is what you deserve!

Have you tried the candida cleanse? What was your experience? What challenge should I take on next? Curious about any other cleanse, diet, or lifestyle you think I should try? Leave a comment below!

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