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Sugar Free Challenge

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

I'm not going to sugarcoat it people. *see what I did there?*

I think I have a sugar addiction, and this is new territory.

I recently had a dream where I was eating cookies and doughnuts (or was this real life? haha) and I pulled up my shirt shocked to see huge red patches of skin that were completely raw and inflamed. They started to spread across my body and I proceeded to freak the F out. When I woke up from the dream I was left with a question - is this what sugar was doing to my body?

I had been feeling the negative effects for a few weeks. A cookie here and a doughnut there didn't seem like a big deal. And normally they wouldn't be, but other factors in my life had changed. I had stopped exercising, I was working 7 days a week increasing my stress levels, and I was eating more convenience foods than I ever had before.

I also found myself feeling very anxious. My walks home from work at night made me feel jumpy and nervous. I would feel a heaviness on my chest one minute and then a quick heartbeat which would make me sweaty. I would have worst-case scenarios play out in my mind over nothing. I found myself stumbling over my words and having them get caught in the back of my throat. None of this is normal for me.

I was slowly putting on weight and losing my muscle tone, and on top of that I was also becoming excessively bloated and gassy. To top it all off I had noticed more pimples cropping up on my face than normal. Not a good look, let me tell you.

Obviously there are many factors that could lead to all of these varying symptoms, but sugar was the only one I could really pinpoint. You'd think I would have noticed immediately and just stopped. C'mon, I'm a holistic nutritionist! I should know better!

But alas I didn't. The change was gradual and insidious. I told myself I ate mostly healthy so it would be fine. I knew I wasn't exercising but I told myself I would start again soon. All the things we are known to tell ourselves. "I'm just bloated today, that's why my clothes are tight".

The most infamous: "I'll start Monday."


SO here we are, looking to make some changes. I have a special relationship with change; I like to embrace it when it is on my terms. Starting is always the hard part.

But we have to start, and don't wait until Monday or next week or January to make changes that will make you feel better. Start NOW.

Once I realized how emotionally and physically awful I was feeling I knew I needed to make a change. And funny enough, that dream really solidified my resolve.

Sugar Free Challenge

For rest of December I will be gradually removing added sugar from my diet.

This includes added sugar from alcohol, drinks, desserts, prepackaged foods, etc.

My stay on track strategies:

1. Keep sweets out of my cupboards

2. Every time I feel a craving, drink a glass of water and reassess

3. Eat more fermented foods to balance gut bacteria

4. Avoid snacking between meals to keep my blood sugar stable

5. Eat as many whole foods as possible

I may slip up over the holidays, have a few drinks, and eat some Christmas desserts.

The last thing I want to do is add guilt to my plate. Guilt and shame over what we eat doesn't make you eat healthier, it just makes you feel bad. So I'm going to leave that off the menu this year.

Have you ever thought of giving up sugar? January will be the start to a full 30-Day Candida Cleanse. More details to come!

Happy Holidays :)

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