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Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Incorporating anything new into your diet for the sake of it being "healthy" often doesn't appeal to most people.

But let me tell you about sauerkraut! In my opinion, this amazing fermented food should be categorized as a superfood!

These are some of the MANY benefits of this probiotic packed food from Dr. Axe - Reduced overall inflammation (both in and out of the GI tract) - Improvement of digestive disorders like leaky gut syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and IBS - Improved immunity - Better nutrient absorption - Prevention and symptom reduction of food allergies, including lactose intolerance, milk protein allergy and others - Improvement of high blood pressure - Reduced risk of cancer - Alleviation of arthritis inflammation (rheumatoid arthritis and chronic juvenile arthritis) - Reduction of eczema symptoms - Lowered cholesterol - Improved vaginal health and prevention of bacterial infections like UTIs and bacterial vaginosis (https://draxe.com//sauerkraut)

So many benefits to be had from humble cabbage and sea salt. And it tastes wonderfully sour and delicious! I made some sauerkraut and we are so excited for it to be ready to eat. We made sure to pack it full of ginger, turmeric, garlic, and other anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral ( etc.) foods!

Are you interested in how to make your own probiotic-packed sauerkraut at home? Let me know and I am happy to share.

Happy fermenting friends!

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