• Raquel Barr

Open Letter to my Future Self

Hey you, it's me! I hope you are reading this after coming out of the craziest, most challenging 4 years of your life. Naturopathic medical school sounds like it's going to kick our ass repeatedly, and I can only imagine what has changed in the last four years!

And you know me - because I am you - I love asking questions, so here goes:

First, what was school like? Was it everything you thought it would be? Did you learn all the things? Who did you meet? Did you make friends? Do you basically credit them for emotionally surviving school? How many times did the stress of it all make you cry? It's okay if it was a lot!

Second, did you get your business really going? Do you feel excited and capable to be helping people in such a meaningful way? Does it feel good to be learning and growing not only as an ND but as a person? Did you become who you always wanted to be?

Third, are you happy? Are you feeling strong mentally and emotionally? Has all the therapy, self-reflection, and growth made a difference? Are we feeling free? Are you glad you made the decisions you did? Does it work out for us?

You know, just asking for a friend!

I'm sure you will have a lot to say, or many things you wish you could say to me now. But there are a few things I want to say to you, so listen up good!

I hope you are proud of yourself. LIKE GRINNING FROM EAR-TO-EAR, PROUD! I'm sure there were unimaginable and unforeseeable obstacles in your way, but you crushed it and deserve all the credit!

I hope you know that you deserve happiness and peace. I hope you continue to advocate for yourself and ask for what you want and need. I hope you set boundaries with yourself and kept them. I hope you trust yourself, because you should!

I also hope that you can look back at me, right now, and give us some grace for what we have been through. But also, feel excitement for what's to come! Big things baby!!

But most importantly, I hope you've lived! Dance in the rain, stare into the moonlight, and smell all the flowers, LIVED. And let's be honest, we are going to fucking die one day!! All we have is right now and I hope we have taken full advantage of that. We deserve it!

Oh, and give Xena a big ol smooch for me!


2021 Raquel

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