• Raquel Barr


Updated: Jan 3, 2019

There is so much information online that is misleading, especially in the realm of nutrition. We all want that "quick fix" secret that has been in our cupboards all along.

More than once I have been seduced by that tempting clickbait!

Unfortunately, much of this advice is not based on any science whatsoever. Misleading personal stories and advertising dominate the online sphere due to our desperation to believe that our problems can be solved quickly and easily.

The truth is that no health problem is created overnight, and therefore will also take time to correct.

Health Line takes these myths, debunks them, and uses evidence-based nutrition to guide consumers. In this article, they explore the benefits of Honey Lemon water and dispel associated myths.

Raw honey and lemon has been shown to increase immune system function, aid in weight loss and improve digestion. It is a wonderfully simple addition to your morning routine with countless benefits. Not to mention it tastes divine!

I really appreciate that Health Line sticks to the facts and provides easy to read articles on their website. Take a look!


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