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Do You Spend Time with YOU?

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

You won't believe it, but this morning my body work up on its own at 4:30am! But you best believe I slept for 30 more minutes - progress?

This morning was not as hard as day one of my 5am Club Challenge, which is very encouraging. Don't get me wrong, I'm still tired and it appears to be a permanent state of being during these wee hours of the morning. But I have done it before and will do it again! The positive parts of yesterday gave me the boost I needed to start today with the same intention. I did 20 minutes of gentle yoga and stretching to wake my body up and it felt amazing. Seriously guys, stretching is where it's at! I drank my lemon water and enjoyed the silence. And for the record, I NEVER workout without music or TV - I will take anything entertaining and distracting. But today was different, it was just me and my body enjoying the peaceful silence of the morning. It was nice to be with myself and offer my body the chance to reacquaint itself with my mind with a gesture of thanks and appreciation. Very often I take for granted what my body does for me, so I place high value on this personal time.

I realized that by starting this 5am club challenge that I never before really carved out time for just me. If I set my alarm in the past, the goal was to wait as long as possible and snooze until I couldn't snooze anymore. I basically started everyday with "No, not yet." and then forced myself to get up purely for the sake of not being terribly late. In this routine, where was my sense of peace? Where did I express gratitude? When did I take the time to honour my body? Where was my drive to accomplish things I said were important? Excuses are powerful. By acknowledging I had goals but not taking any steps towards accomplishing them, I found myself in a constant state of discontent. I knew what and who I wanted to be, but where were the steps taken in my actual life? I'm not saying I should pile on the guilt or that I do nothing to better myself. I put conscious effort in bettering myself each day - but this feels different! No more excuses!

I believe that this 5am club will help me gain discipline and a new routine that will be more fruitful for my life and who I intend to be. I'm excited by the idea of having "extra" time in the morning to accomplish things I have only dreamed about.

Do you think this is a challenge you could start?

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