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Updated: Jan 7, 2019

It's happening... The post-holidays health rebound.

We have eaten and drank our way through Christmas and have come out the other side ready for a do-over. All of those treats, drinks, and travel have taken a large toll on my health, specifically my energy levels, skin, and digestion.

(Refer to Sugar Free Challenge to learn more about how sugar has been negatively affecting me for weeks!)

Have you ever heard of a Candida Cleanse?

Candida albicans is a yeast that exists in all of us that is fed by sugar (both artificial and natural). The idea of a Candida Cleanse to eliminate excess candida to relieve symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, acne, skin irritation, PMS, estrogen dominance, bloating, gas, anxiety, etc.

But what the heck is candida albicans?

Candida is a natural yeast (fungus) found in the body that aids in nutrient absorption and digestion. It becomes an issue when it starts to overpower and crowd out other good microflora and starts producing toxic by-products. One of these toxins candida produces is acetaldehydes that are toxic to nervous tissue, joints, and muscles. Additionally, these toxins start to overburden the liver and other life sustaining processes become delayed or dysfunctional. NOT GOOD.

How did I get this overgrowth?

Candida can proliferate in our bodies for many reasons but the most common are the over-consumption of refined sugars, use of broad spectrum antibiotics, long term use of cortisone, and oral contraceptives. For myself, it was a combination of antibiotic use, birth control and refined sugars. The accumulation of these factors have led to some extremely unpleasant symptoms. These unnatural inputs eliminate or shrink good bacteria in our guts and allow Candida to overgrow, become fungal, and spread. This strains our entire digestive system because we do not absorb nutrients properly, we crave the worst kinds of foods for us, and we have more difficulty eliminating the toxins created. Over time this can lead to chronic inflammation of the intestines (which is a huge factor in autoimmune disease), nutrient deficiency, hormone dysregulation, etc. It really effects every part of you over time.

What can I do about it?

My dear friend Jenna and I will be removing all forms of sugar (candida's "food") to assist in re-balancing our gut bacteria with a full candida cleanse! And as I have said before, the focus should never be entirely on the removal of foods from your diet; it should also be an exciting opportunity to try new foods and recognize our patterns around food.

This can be a complicated process, with many factors that need to be considered. There are huge lists of foods that are "allowed" and "not allowed", supplements and food medicine that are recommended, and lifestyle changes to incorporate.

Preparation is an important part of this process. We will be preparing our food in advance when possible to help us when the inevitable sugar/carb cravings come for us!

I will be adding in probiotic rich fermented foods and higher healthy fat foods when I feel those sugar cravings. Not only will we be removing a toxic input; we will also be adding in food medicine!


1. Eliminate all sources of natural and artificial sugar from the diet

- This includes alcohol!

2. Eat foods that build up the liver to help with detoxification

- Remove trans & hydrogenated fats and replace with EFA’s and healthy saturated fats

3. Eliminate all refined foods, especially grains

4. Eliminate sweet fruits

5. Avoid Diary products

- Lactose is a sugar, and eliminating it can help the gut heal itself

- Additionally, dairy is inflammatory and mucous-forming

6. Eliminate high-carbohydrate vegetables

7. Introduce and rotate your probiotics

- Eat fermented foods daily, take probiotic supplements

8. Ramp up the anti-fungal foods & herbs

- Foods like MCT oil, ACV, cloves, coconut oil, garlic, ginger, goldenseal, oregano oil, etc.

9. If you are still noticing symptoms of die off, eliminate nuts and seeds for a short time

10. The entire diet has been revamped by this point!

- We will start adding back in some of the higher carbohydrate vegetables if our bodies feel ready

- Keep rotating our probiotics and antifungals. It is important that we are providing our bodies different strains of beneficial bacteria and different forms of antifungals, so the candida doesn’t acclimate to them.

This is a big challenge for Jenna and I. This cleanse will last a minimum of 30 days, with check-ins and assessments throughout. I will keep you all posted on how it goes, any symptoms of die off, or if I fail terribly. Wish us luck!!

Do these symptoms sound familiar to you? Curious about trying this cleanse for yourself? Feel free to contact me for more details and information!

General disclaimer:

Nothing on this site should be interpreted or construed to mean providing medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any way.

Always see your primary care physician for that, and always consult him or her before embarking on any new health program, starting or changing any of your medications, or using natural products of any kind.

I offer information for educational purposes only and this information may or may not apply to your individual situation.








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