• Raquel Barr


Updated: Jan 3, 2019

When you cut your finger or scrape your knee what happens? You may feel pain and discomfort, but what do you do to heal yourself?

The human body is an amazing organism that is literally programmed to heal itself. That cut or scrape will heal on its own, dependent on it being covered, clean and given the time.

Your part in the healing process is to simply provide the environment for the body to do its thing. Since this is the case, why do we feel the need to stifle symptoms of illness with medications that do not solve the problem at the root cause?

When we shift our view to understanding our bodies as programmed to heal- given the right environment- we can experience great changes in our health and wellness. If we can provide the best bodily environment through nutrition, exercise, and self-care amazing things can happen!

The article below by Dr. Lisa Rankin dives into how stress affects healing and the "medicine" we all really need.


You have the power to make decisions every day to help your body heal. What will you change today?

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