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5 Tips for Waking Up at 5am

Oh, 5am. I somehow love and hate you. I am 10 days into my 66 day challenge and I am finally starting to see the benefits. I have accumulated some tips that have helped me make the transition from a night owl to a morning person and I am here to share them with you! While this has not been a "perfect" experience, it has been one of self discovery and perseverance. Grab your coffee and read on to see how! 1. When is Bedtime? I once read that the most radical act of adulthood i

The Truth About the Candida Cleanse

Oh what a month it has been; a roller coaster of physical, emotional, and psychological challenges and triumphs! To recap: the purpose of a Candida Cleanse is to eliminate excess yeast to relieve symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, acne, skin irritation, PMS, estrogen dominance, bloating, gas, anxiety, etc. The main symptoms I was experiencing were bloating, acne, anxiety, and gas. I won't lie to you, this cleanse was hard. No alcohol, sugar, fruit, gluten, and dairy begs the que