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5 Tips for Waking Up at 5am

Oh, 5am. I somehow love and hate you. I am 10 days into my 66 day challenge and I am finally starting to see the benefits. I have accumulated some tips that have helped me make the transition from a night owl to a morning person and I am here to share them with you! While this has not been a "perfect" experience, it has been one of self discovery and perseverance. Grab your coffee and read on to see how! 1. When is Bedtime? I once read that the most radical act of adulthood i

Motivation - What Does True Change Require?

"We know what we like and we like what we know." - Oh boy did Bee Wilson hit the nail on the head with this one simple statement. As people, we are resistant to change and we crave routine and comfort. Changing our habits (especially our food habits!) is incredibly difficult because the urges we feel to satisfy ourselves are a mystery deep within us. But change is possible - we do it all the time! I am one week into The 5am Club, and it has been incredibly challenging. I am e


When you cut your finger or scrape your knee what happens? You may feel pain and discomfort, but what do you do to heal yourself? The human body is an amazing organism that is literally programmed to heal itself. That cut or scrape will heal on its own, dependent on it being covered, clean and given the time. Your part in the healing process is to simply provide the environment for the body to do its thing. Since this is the case, why do we feel the need to stifle symptoms o